The album “Unlimited” was released after many changes of the band as well as of our personal lives in 2009. “Walls” was the first song of the album. Julius Slovak remembers this: “This song was composed under the Cross, where I confessed my desire to give everything to God – all of my “walls” and sins that had been hidden.”  The walls were broken and submission brought breakthrough that is expressed in songs of the album. The album “Unlimited” was the breakthrough for the band in spiritual and musical way. It was a threshold to a new level of worship in many places in Slovakia as well as abroad. Many songs of the album (Unlimited or Make Your Piece) have become well known and have still been played in many prayer meetings leading to a deeper worship.

  1. Nádherný Boh
  2. On mi slobodu dal
  3. Múry
  4. Spasiteľ
  5. Túžim rásť
  6. Vyznanie
  7. Príď
  8. Všemocný
  9. Stáť smiem
  10. Konej svoje dielo
  11. Nekonečný