I want to hear your voice


The first album was created in 2005. It was a testimony of a personal thirst to hear God´s voice and follow it. Lyrics of the song tell stories of the members of ESPE, their walking with God, finding and getting to know Him personally. During the started period they were trying to find out what it means to write and play worship lyrics and songs. The boys are still reminding with smile, that after they had released the first album, they really started to hear God´s leading voice telling them to do the music in a little bit different way.

01. Mocný
02. Sila žiť
03. Dotkni sa ma
04. Stratený
05. Horí ohňom
06. Na teba čakám
07. Láska ťa podrží
08. Balada o vykúpení
09. Hľadám
10. Ježiš je láska
11. Životný príbeh
12. Ulice
13. Tráva