After two years came time for a new album called Him. The name along with its cover is symbolic. The songs are not any more about us but about God on the first place. The second symbol comes out from English meaning of “On” expressing that we are ready (on) to worship Him. Many of the songs have profound meaning for us with a passage of time. Now they could be seen as prophetic songs determining the main goal and aim of the band ESPÉ. The song “Fully” (from the album “On”) mentions The Army of God for the first time. On the one hand, we were still trying to find out our own music style and focus, on the other hand, the songs were daring prophetic declarations to which God has been admitting powerfully until now.

01. Nádej
02. Žalm 139
03. Som slobodný
04. Bláznovstvo
05. Svätý
06. Nová pieseň
07. Nech chvála znie
08. Riešim
09. Sen
10. Meno nad mená
11. Stojím pane pred Tebou
12. Konaj svoje dielo