ESPE is a worship band that was formed as a part of community of young people who love God and long for his presence. The band was formed by close friends from within the youth ministry called “strong preaching” led by Julo Slovák for many years in their hometown Sliač. It started as a band for community but after a while it started to receive more and more invitations to play worship within Slovakia and other nations. Our desire is to demonstrate the love and power of God through authentic worship wherever we go. We are passionate to see our families, our ministries, our cities and nations transformed by the love of God.

Július Slovák

Julius has played the acoustic guitar and sings, composed songs and has been a leader of ESPÉ since its very beginning. He started to play guitar when he was 15 and from that time he knew he was going to play only for Jesus. As the leader of the band and an author or the majority of songs he has been setting the vision and heading of the band. His songs are either spontaneously created during worship or they arise from new things that are revealed to him and burnt his heart by God. Julius often brings new songs that are opening a new season and are prophetically leading people into a “new vision” of Father´s heart. His inspiration is coming out of bands such as Hillsong, Jesus Culture and David Crowder. Nowadays, his great inspiration is his son Matthias.

Ivan Petro

Ivan has played the piano in ESPE since 2011. He has played the piano since he was 7 but he started to play fully as he desired to play for Jesus. He experiences personal revival when he was 16 and since that time he´s lived an eternal adventure with God. He is passionate to God´s Kingdom just here on the Earth and this is evident in the way he worships with his play. He brings to the band not only new sounds and creativity, but also an excellent sensitivity of playing his instrument. Bands as Hillsong United, Jesus Culture or Coldplay are for him the greatest inspiration. He is newlywed and his wife Susan is a reflection of his heart.

Daniel Launer

Daniel has been a bass guitarist and a vocal singer in ESPE since 2007. He started with music as a child when he played a violin and sang in a choir during a short period. During his high school studies he started to play bass guitar in a punk band “Loss of style”. He had left this band after his revival and God gave him even hundred-times more. Firstly he started to play during sessions of community SP and after some time he became a member of the band ESPÉ. Worship is for him a place where his heart wakes to life. It reminds him who our God is and what He is like to His children. Worship songs are for him song of Love of our God, we can offer Him back and together with relationship with God it is an integral part of Daniel´s everyday life. He also plays an electric guitar, sings and composes new melodies.

Dávid Slavkovský

David has been a part of ESPE since 2007 as an electric and acoustic guitar player. Worship is his lifestyle reflecting his relationship with his Father. He is passionate to try new sounds as he supposes that God had prepared many more sounds and tunes to be brought down from Heaven. He believes that music is a special way God uses to change lives of people. His music comes from Heaven and he plays tunes leading into deeper worship of God´s heart. His musical inspirations are bands like U2, Derilious, Sigur Rós and guitar players such as Johny Mayer, Jeffrey Kende and John Frusciante. Attanding a School of worship in California has become his great inspiration as well.

František Borovský

Frantisek has been part of ESPE band since 2013. He plays bass and he is also a music producer. He graduated from the music school in Kosice, and he decided to pour his gifts and fully into the service for the Kingdom of God. He is convinced that God looks and cares for our hearts, and that long before he was born, he knew that music would be an integral part of his life. During the worship, he desires to see the Kingdom of God come in power. He is excited for every worship session because he believes that the expectations are the breeding ground for miracles. Frantisek has a very sensitive hearing for every tone and he desires to bring the best on his instrument because he believes that God is the representative of the highest quality. His worship can be full of radical manifestations, and sometimes very peaceful and personal, but it is essential to have a personal relationship with Jesus, whose is then reflected in everything we are and what we do.

Martin Heneš

Martin has played drums with ESPÉ since 2005. He has been always fascinated by music because of emotions it carries and atmosphere it can create. As it can cause anger or joy it can lead people into God´s presence – evoke awe from God, brings joy for everything God gave us and has sill been giving every single day. The main cause for musician to play is often very evident and Martin´s aim is to lead and inspire people to worship. He desires to see his music sprouting out his personal worship and awe from God and shaking whole person inside-out and leading others to the same place of worship. Martin is longing for to start every single day with set up who he is and who his Father is and thanks to this use his talents to admire glory of God. His playing is inspired by Steve Jordan, Teddy Campbell and many others.